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Store Policy

We are an all-are-welcome business. We will not refuse service to anyone based on sex, religion, political affiliation, etc. Service will be refused if you ask for anything we are unable to print, i.e. a copyrighted logo you do not have permission to use.

Privacy & Safety

We do not sell any of our client information pursuant to Oregon Privacy Laws. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We offer special rates and relationships to those needing wholesale products and resale products. Each case is handled on an as-needed basis for each specific situation. Please contact us for your specific details. We also offer special discount pricing/give-backs to non-profits and other fundraising groups. Please inquire about your fundraising opportunities.

Wholesale questions? Contact Us Today

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments (Cash)

• Venmo (Sara-Lake-7)
• PayPal (

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